Submission Guidelines

Welcome to AWA

AWA is always looking to bolster our roster of talented Artists Writers & Artisans. If you’re a creator looking to join our team, please see our submission guidelines below. We’re interested in starting a dialogue with creators of all kinds and look forward to seeing your work!

Submission Guidelines

If your talent meets our needs here at Artists Writers & Artisans, Inc. (“AWA,” “us,” “we,” or “our”) we’ll reach out to you to discuss potential projects. For us to do that there are certain guidelines you’ll need to follow. The understanding between us is that you wish to submit your script, artwork, proposal and/or materials (“Submission”) to AWA for its review to determine if there’s a future project with us. In order to do so you will need to accept and agree to our submission guidelines (the “AWA Submission Guidelines”) and submit a submission agreement (“Submission Agreement”) as set forth below. If you’re Submission has been previously published, please indicate the date and place of publication on your Submission Agreement. For consideration for AWA to review your Submission you acknowledge and agree to our Submission Guidelines as follows:

  1. AWA, its employees, contractors and/or other third parties, on the one hand, and you, on the other hand, independently may conceive and/or create similar and/or the same ideas, concepts, artwork, copy, audio and video recordings and/or other materials; 
  2. AWA will use best efforts to ensure that it does not copy and/or make use of your Submission in any way except as agreed to by you; 
  3. So long as AWA uses such best efforts, AWA and its directors, officers, employees, parents, subsidiaries, affiliates, licensees and other designees will bear no liability for and are hereby fully released by you from all claims of any nature whatsoever, including without limitation all copyright, idea misappropriation, breach of contract and unjust enrichment claims, arising from any purported similarity between any AWA creative project and your Submission;
  4. You are required to sign and return a the Submission Agreement, downloaded from the link below, along with one or more of the following attachments (do not send a long-form script or other document): (1) an elevator-pitch that, in one or two sentences, piques our interest in your Submission; (2) a brief summary of your Submission to engage us as to who the characters are and the direction the plot takes; (3) a one page outline of your Submission that tells a story with a beginning middle and end; and/or, (4) five completed sequential pages of artwork; 
  5. In the event that AWA decides to initiate discussions with you on an AWA project, it will contact you and any and all work projects entered into between you and AWA will be separately negotiated by AWA and you on a case by case basis; and,
  6. You are eighteen (18) years of age or older. 

Submissions without a signed Submission Agreement will be deleted without review. Receipt of submissions by AWA will be accepted only as provided for in the AWA Submission Guidelines and any submissions sent through any other channels will be unopened and discarded. Once you have agreed to the AWA Submission Guidelines by checking the box below, you will be given a link to download the Submission Agreement

NameEmail I agree to the AWA Submission GuidelinesSubmit

By downloading the Submission Agreement HERE you are agreeing to the AWA Submission Guidelines. Please email us a signed copy of the Submission Agreement as a separate attachment along with the attachments described above, all with “SUBMISSIONS” in the subject line to:

Please make sure your last name is included in the name of all files sent to us, along with your name and email on all pages of text and images sent. All file attachments (aside from your email) are to be submitted in PDF format no larger than 20mb per file.