Baby Deathmatch – 2020 Election: Hasta La Vista, Adults 

Starting in April, iPOP! started commissioning journalists to research and report on the most  important issues facing voters this November – focusing on actual quotes from Donald Trump  and Mike Pence, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. 

Starting today, iPOP! will start putting those words into the mouths of babes. iPOP!’s artists and  animators have created a series of Deathmatches featuring Bad Babies characters acting out, in  their infantile ways, what Republican and Democratic candidates have been acting out in theirs.  

Everyone who watches a Baby Deathmatch and votes for a winner, can sign up to receive a  unique digital prize! 

“Essentially, we’re saying ‘You’re Fired’ to the adults and letting Bad Babies do the talking – and  doing,” said Bill Jemas, iPOP!’s Chief Babysitting Officer. “If there’s one thing that Republicans  and Democrats agree upon, it’s that we’re all in ‘information bubbles’ only seeing and hearing  things that confirm what we already think. Hopefully, by delivering both sides of each argument,  in an i-opening way, Bad Babies will burst a bubble or two.”